About ME

Yuri Mochizuki

Yuri Mochizuki is a prominent blogger and expert in the sphere of green energy. Born in Sapporo, Japan, Yuri’s fascination with environmental sustainability spurred her to earn a degree in Renewable Energy Engineering from Hokkaido University.

After graduation, Yuri ventured into the green energy sector, focusing on the exploration and promotion of renewable energy solutions. Recognizing the need for accessible, in-depth information on this critical topic, she established her blog, “Yuri’s Green Energy Insights”.

“Yuri’s Green Energy Insights” has quickly become a preferred source for those seeking comprehensive knowledge about green energy technologies, industry advancements, and practical tips for adopting renewable energy. Yuri’s ability to distill complex scientific concepts into digestible content has garnered her a diverse readership, from green energy novices to seasoned professionals in the field.

Beyond her blog, Yuri regularly participates in green energy conferences and webinars, sharing her expertise and championing progressive green energy policies. She also collaborates with various green energy companies and research institutions, using her insights to help mold the future of the green energy industry.

In her leisure time, Yuri enjoys skiing and birdwatching, hobbies that mirror her love for nature and commitment to preserving the environment. Yuri Mochizuki is more than just a blogger; she is a passionate advocate for green energy, dedicating her work to increasing awareness and understanding of renewable energy practices through her informative and engaging blog posts


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